Friday, 4 December 2009

It's Been a While

Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't written in ages and ages, but my human was being silly. Some of her friends thought that letting me write a blog was pointless so she wouldn't let me back on the computermebob.

Anyway, now she's come back to her senses (with a little help from a friend) and decided that letting me write a blog is the decent thing. Freedom of speech for all ferrets!

So. Since I've last written so much has happened.

I have a new brother. His name is Hugo and he's really fat. Like really really fat. When he moved in he was a tiny baby and I got to drag him around like my toy bunny. Now he's huge. Ferretzilla huge. He drags me around! Meanie! I do love him though... especially when he licks my ears.

I also get to go out now. I have a very handsome orange harness, and fatty-hugo has a big blue one for his big belly. I love going out for walks. All these humans stop and say how handsome I am and want to give me cuddles. The lucky ones even get kissies from me. Some stinky humans tell people not to come near me though because they say I smell and I bite. I really don't. Hugo sometimes gets confused and nibbles, but we don't bite. As for smelling... well they should have a whiff of themselves before they start pointing fingers.

I'm off to go and play with all of my new toys now. I got 2 really cool tunnels last week and I love running in and out of them. The funniest thing is Hugo getting his bottom stuck!

Dook Dook!

Archie x

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Hi Everyone!

It's difficult typing with little paws, but because I keep seeing my human using this funny button-box I thought I'd give it a go. You see my human was talking about this thing called "blogging", apparently it's where you talk about yourself lots and think that other people will be interested in reading all about your life. Well I LOVE being the centre of attention, so I thought "great... as soon as she's out of the room I'll start this 'blogging' thing".

Just so you know who I am, my name is Archie and I'm a whole 11 weeks old. I'm a ferret. That's right... a ferret. Not a merekat like that daft thing on the telly-box. Before you get the wrong idea about me, I'm not violent and I don't stink. That's something humans say because they wished they were as cool as ferrets. They're not! ... Well my human is pretty cool, but she's the exception that proves the rule.

I guess because this is a blog, and it's all about me, I should probably write about what I get up to. Apart from sleeping (which is my favourite hobby), I like doing things that my human thinks are a little bit loopy. I don't have the time to write about everything before my next nap, so I'll start with what I've been doing today...

Housework. My human always moans about it, but I love it! She's got this cool little brush for the floor and to do the housework you just have to grab it and drag it around lots. It's cool! I get the end of the brush and then get it in all the little corners, even better than my human does, but she's not very good at the housework game. I got so annoyed at how rubbish she was today I had to jump up and shout "dook dook dook!" and steal the brush to show her how to do it properly.

The human and I were also looking at leads today. I really really want to go outside to play. There are so many smells and things to play with. It must be amazing. I also want to get a lead so I can meet all the other humans who she says want to give me tickles and play wrestling. Yeah! Apparently I have to get a shot to stop me getting sick before I go out though... I wonder what a shot is? Do you think it's a bit like chicken? I like chicken!

Archie xxx